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Post Graduate Course

Post Graduate Course

Post Graduation Courses

“The expert knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing.”
― Mahatma Gandhi.


The main objective of the postgraduate training is to allow the students of medical institutions to continue their education and general practitioners to improve their skills for further certification and faculty is directed at the training and improvement of qualification and skills of specialists to master not only up-to date medical information but new modern technologies of today and tomorrow.

The individual form of training is based on qualification characteristics, professional and position requirements, principles of realized perspective and doctor’s pretensions. Detailed theoretical training is combined with learning practical skills, operative technique, and typical and complex operations.

At the department of LSMU, along with the traditional ways of teaching, there is also a module study, and a throughout program of students’ practice.

Constantly developing base of computerized equipment gives the possibility to use modern PC know-how and world informative networks in the process of study.


The faculty of postgraduate education offers the study in 25 medical specialties which can join after completion of bachelor degree in medicine & dentistry. Below they are listed –

1. Aerospace Medicine 2. Obstetrics And Gynecology
3. Allergology 4. Anesthesiology
5. Bacteriology 6. Virology
7. Gastroenterology 8. Hematology
9. Laboratory Genetics 10. Medical Genetics
11. Geriatrics 12. Hygiene of Children and Adolescents
13. Occupational Hygiene 14. Nutrition Hygiene
15. Disinfection 16. Dermatovenereology
17. Pediatric Allergology 18. Pediatric Anesthesiology
19. Pediatric Gastroenterology 20. Pediatric Hematology
21. Pediatric Gynecology 22. Pediatric Dermatovenereology
23. Pediatric Endocrinology 24. Pediatric Immunology
25. Pediatric Cardio-Rheumatology 26. Pediatric Neurology
27. Pediatric Nephrology 28. Pediatric Oncology
29. Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology 30. Pediatric Otolaryngology
31. Pediatric Ophthalmology 32. Pediatric Morbid Anatomy
33. Pediatric Psychology 34. Pediatric Pulmonology
35. Pediatric Dentistry 36. Pediatric Urology
37. Pediatric Phthisiatry 38. Pediatric Surgery
39. Pediatric Infectious Diseases 40. Nutrition Science
41. Endocrinology 42. Endoscopy
43. Epidemiology 44. General Hygiene
45. General Practice. Family Medicine 46. Immunology
947. Infectious Diseases 48. Cardiology
49. Clinical Biochemistry 50. Clinical Immunology
51. Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics 52. Combustiology
53. Public Hygiene 54. Laboratory Immunology
53. Public Hygiene 54. Laboratory Immunology
55. Laboratory Study of Environmental Factors 56. Laboratory Study of Physical Environmental Factors
57. Laboratory Study of Chemical Environmental Factors 58. Physical Therapy
59. Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine 60. Emergency Medicine
61. Medical Psychology 62. Microbiology and Virology
63. Addiction Medicine 64. Folk and Alternative Medicine
65. Neurology 66. Neurosurgery
67. Neonatology 68. Nephrology
53. Public Hygiene 54. Laboratory Immunology
69. Gynecologic Oncology 70. Oncology
71. Otolaryngological Oncology 72. Surgical Oncology
73. Public Health Management 74. Orthodontics
75. Prosthetic Dentistry 76. Orthopedics and Traumatology
77. Otolaryngology 78. Ophthalmology
79. Parasitology 80. Morbid Anatomy
81. Pediatrics 82. Adolescent Therapy
83. Proctology 84. Radiation therapy
85. Occupational Pathology 86. Psychology
87. Psychological Therapy 88. Physiological Psychology
89. Pulmonology 90. Radiation Hygiene
91. Radiology 92. Radionuclide Diagnostics
93. Rheumatology 94. Roentgenology
95. Reflex Therapy 96. Sanology
97. Sexual Pathology 98. Sports Medicine
99. Dentistry 100. Vascular Surgery
101. Forensic Medicine 102. Forensic Histology
103. Forensics 104. Forensic Immunology
105. Forensic Criminology 106. Forensic Toxicology
107. Forensic Cytology 108. Forensic Psychiatric Examination
109. Audiology 110. Preventive Dentistry
111. Therapy 112. Toxicology
113. Thoracic Surgery 114. Organ transplantation
115. Transfusion Medicine 116. Ultrasonography
117. Urology 118. Physical Therapy
119. Phthisiology 120.Functional Diagnostics
121. Dental Surgery 122. Surgery
123. Cardiac and Great Vessels Surgery  

Entry Criteria

Applicant must have valid bachelor degree of medicine / dentistry for respective fields of study.


Postgraduate courses are taught in English and Russian according to the programs and curriculum approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

We take into consideration and peculiarities of public health services of the state trainees come from. The duration of the post graduate courses is 2-3 years.

The courses which don’t include the surgical subjects, only therapy/theoretical ones considered to be 2 years.

The courses which include the surgical subjects will be 3 years.

For example: Gastroenterology: Medicine (Therapy) 2 years where’s Surgery 3 years.


General Tuition Fees

Stream of

Masters/ PG/ PhD

Terms of Study


Per Year Tuition Fees USD

Medicine Stream

2/3/5 Years

4800 $

Dentistry Stream

2/3/5 Years

5200 $

Accommodation / Hostel Fees Details

Hostel No

Single Room

Double Room

Triple Room

Hostel 1

1500 $

1000 $

800 $

Hostel 5

1800 $

1300 $

1000 $

Mandatory / Obligatory Fees Details

Fees Instruction

For Post Graduate Students


Application Fees*

500 $

One time application fees & DHL fees for Invitation Letter.

Health Insurance**

150 $

Every student must need to prepare health Insurance every year during the course.**

Medical Check Ups**

150 $

One time fees for new students.

Registration Fees **

150 $

One time fees for new students.

Visa Extension Charge**

150 $

One time fees for new students.

Airport Pickups**

100 $

One time fees for new students.

Documentation Fees**

500 $

Verification of submitted certificates for admission.

Laboratory Fees**

200 $

One time fees for new students.

Library Fees**

200 $

One time fees for new students.

Sports / Athletics Fees**

200 $

One time fees for new students.

Infrastructure Fees**

200 $

One time fees for new students.


1850 $ (Except Application Fees)

This amount can be paid on arrival.

*Application fees must need to be paid before arrival to in order to obtain the Invitation Letter for Visa. **Rest of the fees can be paid on arrival / in person along with tuition fees. *** All the fees mentioned in US Dollars & annual fees.

Admission Procedure

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Admissions are open for 2015 September Session

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