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Graduates of pharmacy degrees work right at the heart of human healthcare, taking on roles relating to the design and development of new treatments, prescription and care management, and generally advising on the medical options available for different conditions.

The program prepares graduates for the contemporary role of the pharmacist in society ensuring that patients optimize medication usage.


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Lugansk State Medical University has made a lasting difference in the health and well being of people throughout the Eastern Europe & Russia.

We have graduated over 4,000 pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who make outstanding contributions in the community, hospitals, government, academia, and industry.

We have developed strong research capabilities and continue to close the gap in our quest to first understand disease – then conquer it – while simultaneously studying the workings of the health care system.

In addition, we continue to enhance our environment for quality learning, effective communication, practical research discovery, collaboration and partnerships to transform the future of health care for the benefit of all.


Please follow the link here for the curriculum details.

Entry Criteria

Entry requirements for our pharmacy degree program include both academic and non-academic criteria.

Academic criteria: Evidence of excellent attainment in general (e.g. GSCE) and advanced secondary (e.g.A-level) education.

Subject requirements:Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English at A-level (or equivalent).


The Medical course at the Lugansk State Medical University takes five years and leads to Bachelor of Pharmacist or B.Pharm.


General Tuition Fees


Terms of Study

Per Year Tuition Fees

Total Tuition Fees


5 Years

4000 $

24000 $

Accommodation / Hostel Fees Details

Hostel No

Single Room

Double Room

Triple Room

Hostel 1

1500 $

1000 $

800 $

Hostel 5

1800 $

1300 $

1000 $

Mandatory / Obligatory Fees Details

Fees Instruction

For Undergraduate Students


Application Fees*

450 $

One time application fees & DHL fees for Invitation Letter.

Health Insurance**

150 $

Every student must need to prepare health Insurance every year during the course.**

Medical Check Ups**

150 $

One time fees for new students.

Registration Fees **

150 $

One time fees for new students.

Visa Extension Charge**

150 $

One time fees for new students.

Airport Pickups**

100 $

One time fees for new students.

Documentation Fees**

200 $

Verification of submitted certificates for admission.

Laboratory Fees**

200 $

One time fees for new students.

Library Fees**

200 $

One time fees for new students.

Sports / Athletics Fees**

200 $

One time fees for new students.

Infrastructure Fees**

200 $

One time fees for new students.


1700 $ (Except Application Fees)

This amount can be paid on arrival.

*Application fees must need to be paid before arrival to in order to obtain the Invitation Letter for Visa. **Rest of the fees can be paid on arrival / in person along with tuition fees. *** All the fees mentioned in US Dollars & annual fees.

Admission Procedure

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Admissions are open for 2015 September Session

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