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Pediatrics Surgery

Pediatrics Surgery

The individual program of specializedtrainingcoursebasedon thestandardprogramof theMinistry of Health of Ukraine and approved by the Scientific Council and the Rector of the Lugansk state medical university.

The individual program of specialization included the following theoretical and practical aspects:

Theoretical course

  1. Peculiarities of pediatric surgery.
  2. Acute appendicitis in children.
  3. Treatment of osteomyelitis in children.
  4. Acute purulent diseases of newborns.
  5. X-ray diagnostics of diseases of the digestive organs in children.
  6. Diseases of esophagus in children.
  7. Acute diseases of scrotum organs in children.
  8. Diseases of the digestive organs in children.
  9. Topographical and anatomical peculiarities of newborns.
  10. Portal hypertension.
  11. Abdominal trauma.
  12. Malignant tumors in early age children.
  13. Congenital pylorostenosis.
  14. Surgical coloproctology in children.
  15. Surgery of abnormal development in children.
  16. Urgent conditions in children.
  17. Oncology.
  18. Urology.
  19. Vascular surgery.


Practical course

  1. Appendicectomy.
  2. Herniotomy.
  3. Operations for varicocele.
  4. Operations for acute diseases of testicular.
  5. Circumcision.
  6. Operations for cryptorchisme.
  7. Operations for hydrocele of the testicular. 1
  8. Nephrectomy.
  9. Osteoperforation. Drainage of marrow canal.
  10. Pyloromyotomy.
  11. Exterpation of tumor of internal organs.
  12. Operations on intestine and laying on of intestinal anastomosis.
  13. Operations for anorectal anomalies.
  14. Operations for atresia of the esophagus.
  15. Operations for omphalocele.
  16. Splenectomy.

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