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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Lugansk State Medical University offers admission to applicants who appear to have the highest potential for medicine study and who, with the benefit of a medical education, are the most likely to contribute substantially to their academic or professional fields through teaching, research, or professional practice.

At Lugansk State Medical University, we’re committed to helping qualified students get admitted to LSMU to begin earning their medical degrees.

Check out our three simple admission requirments below to see how you can become an LSMU Student.

Pre Medical

Admission Requirements for Foundation & Pre-Medical Course

Those who wants to join Russian/Ukrainian Medium courses must need to join Foundation Course/Preparatory course.

Those who wants to join Medicine or any graduation course in LSMU can join pre-medical course. There is no such requirements for pre-medical course except age limitation which is a student must need to be below 20 years.

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Graduate Courses

Admission Requirement for MBBS , BDS , Nursing & Pharmacy

Lugansk State Medical University will be pleased to consider all applications on an individual basis. The student must need to have





-to get the admission in the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy faculty.

The senior school certificate

Gcse standard certificate

West African gce a-level certificate

Gce a-level standard certificate

Standard xii in the higher secondary school certificates

Sijil tinggi persekolahan malaysia (stpm).

And other qualifications from different countries.

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What is the admission procedure for Lugansk Medical University?

Admission procedure includes 4 steps –

  • Application for Eligibility – Student need to apply with Filled application form, scan copies of international passport, all educational documents & birth certificates.
  • Application for Invitation – After verification of all documents university will send a scan copy of Admission / Eligibility letter, then student need to apply for the Invitation Letter.
  • Getting visa – With the Invitation Letter student can apply for visa to Ukraine Embassy in their country & get the visa with few weeks. After getting the visa student must need to send the Visa scan copy & flight details to the admission office before one week of the arrival to receive him /her from airport.
  • Arrival & Submission of documents – After getting the visa student must need to send the Visa scan copy & flight details to the admission office before one week of the arrival to receive him /her from airport. Then while the student arrived finally at university he/she needs to submit all the documents & university fees.

When is the best time to start processing admission to study in Ukraine?

It is better to apply by January, as there are only limited seats for admission in respective faculty. The admission is given first come first serve basis. Means, those students who is having the eligibility they will get the admission before than others.

How long does the admission process take?

After submitting the application (filled application form & scan copies of int. passport, educational documents & birth certificate) it will take 2 – 5 days to prepare the Admission / Eligibility Letter. Then university will send the scan copy of the admission letter to the email address of student.

How long does it take to prepare the invitation?

University starts issuing Invitation letters from April/May. It takes normally 7-15 days to prepare the invitation letter from the education ministry. After that it will send to the student via FedEx, which will take more 1 week.

What is the Invitation Letter & what is it for?

The student invitation for education is the official document, which is processed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

It confirms that the student is admitted to a particular University.

It specifies your passport details and the full name of the University.

This invitation support letter is required by the Ukrainian Embassy to stamp the visa on your passport.

How do I know if my existing high school result/bachelor’s degree is valid in Ukraine?

In general most High School result are accepted, institutions evaluate degrees on an individual basis.

Do we have to qualify for any English exam such as IELTS, TOEFL?

These exams are not mandatory.

When academic year start in LSMU?

In accordance with Ukrainian legislation foreign students usually arrive for studying at Ukrainian educational establishments from the 15th of August till the 15th of November.

Is it possible to get scholarship or grant for foreign students while studying in Ukrainian higher educational establishments?

Unfortunately no, there are no scholarships or grants for foreign citizens in Ukraine.

Is Admission guaranteed?

Yes admission is guarantee, if only you meet the general admission requirement on our website.

When is Deadline to apply?

University accepts all new students around the year. We are on rolling admission, which means that we will accept and review applications on a rolling basis as they are received up until the start of term. However, students are encouraged to begin their application process as soon as possible to ensure their ability to start in their desired term and to take full advantage of opportunities.

When is my application considered late?

If you apply for courses or program after the application deadline, your application is considered late. In addition, if you submit your supporting documentation after the deadline for submitting documents, your application is also considered late. If there are places available after the selection process, you may still have a chance to be offered a place. But your application can also be considered for the next admission session.

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